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[tor-talk] Tor is released!

Hi, all!

There's a new Tor release candidate available!  The source is available
from the "download" page on the website on the website, and packages
should be available before long. The Tor Browser team expects to get a
release out later this month.

This is a release candidate; please help find bugs in it! If we don't
find any new critical problems, we'll be calling this release series
"stable" soon.

Changes in version - 2017-09-05
  Tor fixes a few small bugs and annoyances in the 0.3.1
  release series, including a bug that produced weird behavior on
  Windows directory caches.

  This is the first release candidate in the Tor 0.3.1 series. If we
  find no new bugs or regressions here, the first stable 0.3.1 release
  will be nearly identical to it.

  o Major bugfixes (windows, directory cache):
    - On Windows, do not try to delete cached consensus documents and
      diffs before they are unmapped from memory--Windows won't allow
      that. Instead, allow the consensus cache directory to grow larger,
      to hold files that might need to stay around longer. Fixes bug
      22752; bugfix on

  o Minor features (directory authority):
    - Improve the message that authorities report to relays that present
      RSA/Ed25519 keypairs that conflict with previously pinned keys.
      Closes ticket 22348.

  o Minor features (geoip):
    - Update geoip and geoip6 to the August 3 2017 Maxmind GeoLite2
      Country database.

  o Minor features (testing):
    - Add more tests for compression backend initialization. Closes
      ticket 22286.

  o Minor bugfixes (directory cache):
    - Fix a memory leak when recovering space in the consensus cache.
      Fixes bug 23139; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (hidden service):
    - Increase the number of circuits that a service is allowed to
      open over a specific period of time. The value was lower than it
      should be (8 vs 12) in the normal case of 3 introduction points.
      Fixes bug 22159; bugfix on
    - Fix a BUG warning during HSv3 descriptor decoding that could be
      cause by a specially crafted descriptor. Fixes bug 23233; bugfix
      on Bug found by "haxxpop".
    - Rate-limit the log messages if we exceed the maximum number of
      allowed intro circuits. Fixes bug 22159; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (logging, relay):
    - Remove a forgotten debugging message when an introduction point
      successfully establishes a hidden service prop224 circuit with
      a client.
    - Change three other log_warn() for an introduction point to
      protocol warnings, because they can be failure from the network
      and are not relevant to the operator. Fixes bug 23078; bugfix on and

  o Minor bugfixes (relay):
    - When a relay is not running as a directory cache, it will no
      longer generate compressed consensuses and consensus diff
      information. Previously, this was a waste of disk and CPU. Fixes
      bug 23275; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (robustness, error handling):
    - Improve our handling of the cases where OpenSSL encounters a
      memory error while encoding keys and certificates. We haven't
      observed these errors in the wild, but if they do happen, we now
      detect and respond better. Fixes bug 19418; bugfix on all versions
      of Tor. Reported by Guido Vranken.

  o Minor bugfixes (stability):
    - Avoid crashing on a double-free when unable to load or process an
      included file. Fixes bug 23155; bugfix on Found
      with the clang static analyzer.

  o Minor bugfixes (testing):
    - Fix an undersized buffer in test-memwipe.c. Fixes bug 23291;
      bugfix on Found and patched by Ties Stuij.
    - Port the hs_ntor handshake test to work correctly with recent
      versions of the pysha3 module. Fixes bug 23071; bugfix

  o Minor bugfixes (Windows service):
    - When running as a Windows service, set the ID of the main thread
      correctly. Failure to do so made us fail to send log messages to
      the controller in, slowed down controller event
      delivery in and later, and crash with an assertion
      failure in Fixes bug 23081; bugfix on
      Patch and diagnosis from "Vort".
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