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Re: [tor-talk] Is there any societal use in Bitcoin?

Le 04/09/2017 à 18:04, grarpamp a écrit :
>> As it happens, I just recently transferred funds internationally. It
>> took 36 hours to clear, at a guaranteed rate. My local bank charged
>> about $8 in fees (mostly for the overhead of liaising with the local
>> receiver of revenue - there's a bunch of paperwork, so I can't really
>> object to the fee). My point is that if you're paying absurd taxes and
>> taking a week, you might be able to find a better option.
>> By contrast BTC, in the same timeframe, dropped more than 10%. If I'd
>> been using it to transfer the same funds, I'd have been massively out
>> of pocket.
>> There are strong arguments for disintermediating financial systems,
>> but we don't need to overhype the problem space, and let's not kid
>> ourselves that Bitcoin is a silver bullet either.
> Except that Bitcoin takes roughly 10 minutes to
> clear the first block, so that's invalid comparison.
> There is zero paperwork with cryptos, so that's better.
> Other users gain more than 10% at times, so that's invalid.
> And fees are almost universally both less and flat... better.

Indeed and replacing swift is anyway more the job of Stellar or Ripple
than bitcoin

> Instead of whining about volatility, understand that
> cryptos are not centrally manipulated like fiat

Unfortunately I think they are for now, for reasons already explained
and I believe that prices are manipulated too, maybe this is linked to
http://www.peersm.com/fractals/, "Then we can now easily forecast the
price of Bitcoin and become rich", this if for fun right now and I
should continue it but the answer at the end is that the very same thing
did reproduce again, and does reproduce whatever external event occurs,
always the same thing...

> , and right now
> are quite thin compared to fiat... so volatility is expected there
> as perfectly normal price and market discovery mechanism.
> Want less volatility, hold and use more cryptos with
> more people. Long term they'll be better

Yes, this does not contradict my previous argument but we can see that
volatility is evaporating with time

>  and won't go
> to shit when your country of choice flips upside down.
> As far as tor goes, many cryptocurrencies can run over tor...
> pick a few and run some of their nodes as onions or i2p's.
> zensystem.io has perhaps gone farthest with work therein.
> You can send all the clearing time and former fees saved
> to this address in the form of golden bullets...
> btc:141nbtnunoix7kKjbAspmZVCPamP9rgJST

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