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IRC meeting (was: Game developer tools...)

Sam Lantinga wrote:

>Maybe we can get a bunch of PenguinPlay developers/thinkers around on IRC
>or another chat forum to discuss the present and future of Linux game support?

Good idea. I think it´s now time for this.

What size do you think that event should have?
Simple meeting (announcement on PPlay list only) or
The-Event-That-Started-All (annoucement on c.o.l.a, the game programming
newsgroups, slashdot and sent to the major gamedev companies) ?

Or somewhere in between?

>FYI, I've tried to keep SDL as low level as possible so that other people
>could write their libraries on top of it, and worry about file formats and
>user interface issues instead of me. :)

<g> As long as you´re providing basic cross-platform hardware abstraction
we´ll be happy worrying about that stuff ;)