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Re: Image file loading

Laurent DELEPINE wrote:

>> libraries doing this. But: libjpeg, libtiff, libpng etc do a good job but
>> provide different interfaces each.
>Perhaps we can decide for a general form for the load/save function. These
>functions may be registrered by the library and use the capability of
>libpng, libjpeg and all the graphic library you can imagine. By this way,
>our library can use all the graphic file format, present and future, even

Yep, should be the best way.

>the special format you can imagine (Some DOS games use a big file with all
>the data of the game). You can just write this interface function.

We planned to support such "archives" anyway and it actually doesn´t have
to do very much with this. The archive code has to handle the file
opening/reading while libjpeg & co handle the decoding. At least libpnm
fits neatly into this scheme.

>Laurent Delepine (without h)

Sorry ;)