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Re: New Linux Game SDK Project - Please Read This If Nothing

On 22-Mar-99 Nicholas Lee wrote:
> penguinplay.dhs.org current points at sunsite.auc.dk
> while penguinplay.home.dhs.org currently redirects to
> sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay
> With a little bit of virtual hosting (depends on sunsite people) we can
> get the first to work right.  The above domains where set up within about
> ten mintues of me reading Derek Green talk about a new domain, just to
> show that it served no realy point at the moment to do so. 
> So as it is domain names aren't a problem, just finding people to do the
> required coding.

Forget about it, I had asked for virtual hosting to the sunsite staff when we
moved the site, and they said it was out of question. Maybe they've changed
their minds since, but I doubt so.

Anyway this is just detail. All we need is a stable place for PenguinPlay.

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