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Re: my project today...

ACTUALLY....no, I didn't! buuuut I will now. :-)  I hadn't realized there
WAS a ppThrow!!!!! :-)

Thanks for informing me! :-)

MY problem was somethign totally different:
I had absolutely no friggen clue how to throw an exception properly.  I
will fix it promptly.  

I should manage to merge Peter's code in tonight...it's going to be a pain
in the arse though.


P.S. - I might have someone who is interested in doing a directx interface
version of penguinplay.  Not 100% sure yet.

At 10:18 PM 5/23/99 +0200, you wrote:
>The Greene Family wrote:
>>dififcult...i'm also tracking down an error in my code that has to do with
>>exceptions...again nothing difficult.  Should have test programs for the
>Do you use ppThrow () ? If yes I think I know what your problem is. I just
>noticed that ppThrow  issues a "throw new SomeException (...);", while
>normal people use something like "catch (SomeException XCept)" to catch
>such things. That means the catch clause expects an object while the throw
>thingy throws a pointer.
>(PS: Yes, I wrote ppThrow back then ;)
>I just committed a corrected version of PenguinPlay.h
>	Christian
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