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Re: Misc.

The website thing I can do, if you like. I've been reading all the C and C++
tutorials I can find, but I'm still far from being able to contribute, a couple
of months perhaps, but no more. But what I can do is work on the web page. Just
let me know.

The Greene Family wrote:

> ave we thought of actively recruiting developers into the project?  We need
> help desperately!  I mean from what I see net and input are relatively DEAD!
> I think most people don't even know we exist frankly.  It's not like we
> have press releases or what have you.
> I think that in order for this project to succeed, we're going to need more
> developers.  Heck, I am sure of it!
> Have any of you thought about having someone full time to do the websites
> and keep the news up to date?  Have the project leads (other than mean)
> considered keeping .plans?  How about "press releases?"  Geez, from what I
> have seen sound team is me and peter!  I can't imagine what the other teams
> are comprised of!
> Just some rambling thoughts,
> Derek
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