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PFile status

I'm starting with a greater change in the PenguinFile code. An almost
complete change in the handling of "unusual file systems" (pakfiles, ftp,
PenguinNet etcetc) and after that a proper implementation of PakFile
writing stuff.

The bad news is that I can't really test the system during that time (the
reading/organization code can only be tested with properly build PakFiles,
and the PakFile writing code can only be integrated properly with the
organizational changes in place ;)
I'll nevertheless commit the changes from time to time 'cause I'd surely
get lost in keeping track of the changes otherwise. Everything committed
will compile, but don't expect it to run.

Well, the good news is that after all these changes are applied the system
will be much more flexible and extensible.

I'll usually write up all changes in the documentation before implementing
them (that forces me to sort my thoughts, bring them into some order and
think over them a bit more), so if you're interested in PFile you should
check them from time to time.



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