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Re: PSound & ppconfig.h

>Henrique Seganfredo wrote:

>>Hi folks.....I am a CS student from Brazil and I found the PP project quite


>>currently I am developing a simple real mode x86 game
>>library (video, sound, efx and sprite routines).....much of the stuff is
>>damn hardware dependent...

So this is in dos right? Are you using djgpp?
I used that when I first started CS. I wrote a driver for my sound card (an sb2 back then). I didn't really want to spend my time writing drivers for each and every sound card. 

>>how you guys are addressing the sound stuff? it is often timer dependent

>Paul will have to answer that. I'm totally incompetent in that area ;)

(I'm Peter not Paul)
I use the setitimer functions. Have a look in AudioToFile.cpp at the very end to see how I've done it. I'm sure it could be done better. In windows I use the multimedia timers and Events
(CreateEvent, timeSetEvent, WaitForSingleObject)

The /dev/sequencer in linux has its own timer interface. SEQ_START_TIMER, SEQ_STOP_TIMER
and SEQ_WAIT_TIME which is used to set the time to wait between outputing events.

Peter Burns

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