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Re: Welcome (was: PSound & ppconfig.h)

>what kinds of data formats?? for gfx storage? datamaps? tiles? sound?
>(please be more specific, say which well known formats are supported,
>probably you guys are also creating your own file format, as the allegro
>dudes did.....)

PenguinSound supports a few audio sample formats.

iff, wav, au, voc. It can also use audiofile (a audio sample library) to load samples.
I am starting to add support for the Audio Compression Manager under windows so that all the varieties of wave files can be supported.

I could easily add support for some of the instrument file formats like fasttracker's XI
or the gravis ultrasound PAT. I've already got some of the code lying around. I've written some code to load and play mod formats, but thats not in PenguinPlay.

There are already a lot of audio sample file formats. I don't think we really need to create a new one.

Peter Burns

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