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Re: PSound & ppconfig.h

On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Christian Reiniger wrote:

>And some side notes:

>* The Makefile.in should *not* be in CVS

Why not? I think it has to be there to provide the template for the
Makefile that ./configure creates. Or am I totally wrong here?

For CVS stuff I'd do:

	% cd some/dir/where/the/sources/are
	% cvs update
	% cvs co the_stuff
and then
	% ./configure [--options]
	% make

Of course all Makefile.in:s have to be available for every Makefile that
needs them. The 'created' Makefile:s should IMHO not be in CVS, as they're
entirely specific to the host where they were ./configure:d. Correct me if
I'm wrong here... 

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