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Re: Release plan (was: Progress Update)

Pierre Phaneuf wrote:

>> Anyway, the only reason for the CVS repository being empty is that it was a
>> complete mess, so we decided to dump it entirely and develop by
>> mailing/ftping stuff around until no serious file name / directory
>> structure changes are neccessary anymore.
>Yes, that's one downside of CVS, it doesn't keep the file names in the
>history, only the content...

I'm really looking forward to BitKeeper. It has that feature (among many
others) and is large CVS compatible.

>> No threads, as it doesn't make sense for this.
>Well, most people implement sound as a part of their program forking and
>talking to it thru a pipe... I searched like crazy for a synchronous

Oh, I don't know the situation for PSound... Peter?

>> But the PenguinFile API is plain C.
>Ahh, good idea, as C++ sucks for library interfaces. The mangling that
>can change, the virtual table layouts that always change, only usable

Shouldn't matter with dynamic libs. At least I don't have problems with
that although I update my compiler whenever possible.

>The downside of a C API is that if it is C++ inside, you need to have a

Well, yessssss, more or less. But actually it's not su much a wrapper, but
something that would be there anyway and just happens to take the form of a
C function now. src/PenguinFile/ppf*.cpp are the implementations of the API
functions if you want to look yourself.


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