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Re: Website update + CVS notes

>Another thing: Peter, you have the "authoritative" PSound code collection,
>right? Can you send me a tar.gz with that so I can set up a first future
>CVS tree locally?

I'll send you a tar.gz on saturday.

Should I include the module player stuff? It's useful to test the psound
stuff but I'm
not sure if its useful for games or not.

Is there a program that can strip windows newline characters (they show up
as ^M)
from files? It shouldn't matter much for the code but if it gets in the
autoconf / automake
files it stuff them up. It would be nice if you could setup CVS so that it
cleans this up
when files are checked in.

Since I've been coding in both windows and linux this is one of the things
that really
bugs me. Maybe I should just try and write a perl script or something for

Peter Burns