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Re: [pygame] The great pySchism, was: how to remove spam comments in pygame wiki

On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 06:53:50PM -0700, Nirav Patel wrote:
> First, It is clear that having two pygame websites will do nothing but
> confuse the community of users and developers.

I just want to comment that I don't think that having two (or more) 
websites will really be confusing. I have a non-python project 
(OHRRPGCE) which has 5 different sites all run by different people with 
different (often overlapping) goals and it all works together pretty 
well in spite of having a much smaller active community than pygame has. 

I have not seen any evidence of user-confusion caused by the presence of 
more than one website (any user confusion is due to the messyness of 
the software, not the website ;)

James Paige