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Re: [pygame] Numeric wireless keyboard

I'm compiling the code (my first prg with gcc), and doesn't find SDL.h.
 I have done a find on SDL (find -name "SDL.h"), without success. Where
and how can I find this file ?  Do I have to install SDL ? (I'm assuming
Python is using it and its there...)

To search you can try: [ search starting on root, using insensitive case ]
    $ find / -iname "SDL.h"

Did you try lsusb?
    $ lsusb

To install sdl dev, run synaptic, and do a search for "sdl", it might be named "libsdl1.2-dev"

Ubuntu 9.04 is out.

To include SDL.h the best way is to: follow this link:

    $ gcc -o hiworld hiworld.c `sdl-config --cflags --libs`