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Re: [pygame] pygame1.9 does not install in ubuntu from easy_install

On, Tue Aug 04, 2009, Rene Dudfield wrote:

> Hi,
> since the easy_install was worked around, no quick bug fix release will be
> made.
> It's missing the readme.html file, but otherwise seems to all work ok... and
> the readme.txt file is there still.  So I don't think it's worth doing
> another release.
> There's been no other bug reports so far, so I think that's ok.
> However, if you reckon it'd cause issues for some reason?  We could do
> another quick bugfix release?
> So no new quick bug fix release will be made.

As it only seems to have an impact on easy_install, I'm fine with it, as
the port uses the usual setup procedure. So, if there are no more
complains from other packaging systems, we can leave anything as is.


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