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Re: [pygame] Compiling without SDL_gfx

On, Sat Aug 08, 2009, Vicent Marti wrote:

> Hey Evan,
> unfortunately that documentation is outdated since I rewrote most of
> the Pygame2 build system. To disable building SDL_gfx, you need to
> manually set an environment variable named "WITH_SDL_GFX" to 0 in your
> shell. If you are unsure about how to do this, just open the file

Which is performed by -D, but unfortunately not supported (?) by GNU
Make. I should have rechecked that. However, for you the following should

  make WITH_SDL_GFX=false

> Looking at it, it isn't as user friendly as one would expect, so I'll
> probably fix that up tomorrow morning, and update the docs while I'm
> at it. :)

It is fine as is, I would say? Just the doc needs a minor change


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