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[pygame] Documentation changes in trunk

Hello there fine gentlemen,

I know you are all going to hate this, but I've had to do some minor
changes to the documentation system on my GSoC branch for the FreeType
module (pygame-ftmod): I was having an issue were the C documentation
defines for my Font methods were colliding with the defines for the
original Font module; I fixed it by changing 2 lines in the makeref.py
so each PyGame module gets its own header file, instead of having all
of them depend on the same "pygamedocs.h".

The changes required to adapt to this are minimal, as you'd guess: in
any module C file, you need to replace the #include "pygamedocs.h"
with an #include "docs/MODULENAME_doc.h".

These changes for all existing modules are obviously already done on
my branch, but I'd like to double check in the mailing list to make
sure this isn't a nuisance or too big of a problem for anybody, before
merging my branch back into trunk.

Speak now if you totally hate me and this change (and propose another
approach if possible!). Otherwise I'll be commiting this in the
following days.

Vicent Martí