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Re: [pygame] Hypernucleus coming along well :)

Is there a reason you didn't structure this as a .deb and .rpm repository? apt-get and yum are sophisticated dependency managers being actively developed; why did you choose to write your own dependency management system? It seems like a lot of unnecessary work to me.

On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 2:07 PM, Richie Ward <richies@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Heres the old thread:

This project: https://launchpad.net/hypernucleus-project

Has hit a milestone, I have uploaded the server to my website!

I have uploaded one game and this output goes to the client which I
think we talked about last year.
Heres output: http://pynguins.com/xmloutput (may have to right click
view source)
I will probably add that output in other formats like pickle and JSON

If you want to upload a game, it has to be in a tar.bz2 format,
packaged similarly to the game I uploaded :)
Many people requested I switch to zip or egg so I may do that in
future, once I got tags and authentication and authorization sorted.
It does not display an proper error when you do it wrong, it just
redirects you back (because I haven't wrote a proper validation
library for it yet, its quite complex code to validate a package)

It has a log in/out feature that works fine and has a admin interface
to add/remove users + permissions but it is not linked to the rest of
the site (I.e. doesn't block you from editing the front page!)
Please don't vandalize the site though :)

Still more to do but I have been doing this project on and off due to
me being occupied with other things (I go to university), I am looking
for more developers for the project. Please tell me if your interested
in being a programmer, there is much work to be done!

Heres a old screenshot of the client from the old thread on here:
(As you can see the server on the web live!)

Sorry for long email, it is sophisticated so theres alot to say!

Thanks, Richie Ward

Evan Kroske
The code, comments, and challenges of a novice
software developer desperate for attention.