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Re: [pygame] Hypernucleus coming along well :)

It sounds great Richie!  It's fantastic to see a repository specially
for Python games, good job!  Our community needs more projects like


2009/8/24 Richie Ward <richies@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Heres the old thread:
> http://archives.seul.org/pygame/users/Aug-2008/threads.html#00213
> This project: https://launchpad.net/hypernucleus-project
> Has hit a milestone, I have uploaded the server to my website!
> http://www.pynguins.com
> I have uploaded one game and this output goes to the client which I
> think we talked about last year.
> Heres output: http://pynguins.com/xmloutput (may have to right click
> view source)
> I will probably add that output in other formats like pickle and JSON
> eventually.
> If you want to upload a game, it has to be in a tar.bz2 format,
> packaged similarly to the game I uploaded :)
> Many people requested I switch to zip or egg so I may do that in
> future, once I got tags and authentication and authorization sorted.
> It does not display an proper error when you do it wrong, it just
> redirects you back (because I haven't wrote a proper validation
> library for it yet, its quite complex code to validate a package)
> It has a log in/out feature that works fine and has a admin interface
> to add/remove users + permissions but it is not linked to the rest of
> the site (I.e. doesn't block you from editing the front page!)
> Please don't vandalize the site though :)
> Still more to do but I have been doing this project on and off due to
> me being occupied with other things (I go to university), I am looking
> for more developers for the project. Please tell me if your interested
> in being a programmer, there is much work to be done!
> Heres a old screenshot of the client from the old thread on here:
> http://richies.googlepages.com/Screenshot-1.png
> (As you can see the server on the web live!)
> Sorry for long email, it is sophisticated so theres alot to say!
> --
> Thanks, Richie Ward