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[pygame] colorkey and time scale

hi everyone, I need to do two question that aren't very related to the
library but for a general purpose:

- To get and set the colorkey of a surface I use the get_colorkey and 
  set_colorkey methods, till now I've written the colorkey of every
  image in a file, and after loading an image I set the colorkey read in
  that file with set_colorkey. There is a way to set a default colorkey
  for an image that don't force me to store it in another file?

- I've noticed that some games use a time_scale variables to regulate
  the movement of the sprite in connection with the actual speed of the
  game. For example if I want to run my game with a framerate of 30fps
  and prev_tick - last_tick is time elapsed since last frame time_scale

  time_scale = (last_tick - prev_tick) / 30.0

  Is it really necessary with pygame?

thank you  
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