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Re: [pygame] Pygame Holiday Present - pygwidgets & pyghelpers

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your comments.

The key user interface classes are in "pygwidgets".  In the "pyghelpers" package, the Timers, the Scene Manager, the Scene base class, and the dialog box functions can be useful for building games.

Yes, I agree that the File I/O functions are not as important.  But I had already built these for my current intro course where I introduce the concepts of writing to and reading from a file, and decided to throw them in here as well.

As far as the naming convention is concerned, I've used camelCase for so many years, that it is second nature to me.  I've grown comfortable with it from using it in many other languages, and when I started doing Python, I immediately started using it here too.  As long as I'm consistent with my naming conventions, my students are happy.


> On Dec 26, 2018, at 2:41 PM, Daniel Foerster <pydsigner@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I haven't had a chance to run the demo programs, but I think providing a basic UI toolkit is sound. I do have concerns about the functions like openFileForReading. I don't think there's enough value in those encapsulations to outweigh the cost of teaching a new user to Python abstractions around basic concepts like filehanding and hindering the growth of their understanding of the Real APIs, and you lose out on a perfect segue into things like garbage collection and with-clauses.
> I also think that a library for students should help them learn to use PEP8-compliant snake_case, but that's a lesser issue.