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Re: [pygame] Compilation

On Fri, 2012-02-17 at 16:44 -0500, Zack Baker wrote:
> So could you just resend an email with the command exactly how it would as oppear because that looks a littled funky. Let's assume that the game is called helloworld.py  and put it in the trunk folder or wherever. Thank you!

OK, if Pyinstaller were installed on your system you would run it with
"pyinstaller", but I haven't seen an installer for it. So, if you
download the release on their website, and extract it to the home
folder, you can run it with:
"python ~/pyinstaller-1.5.1/pyinstaller.py"
That is literally running the pyinstaller program in Python, much the
same as you would run your own Python program from the terminal.

Adding "--onefile" ensures it compiles the files into a single binary.

"-o foobar" tells it which folder to save the output to. So, this would
save it to the "foobar" folder inside whatever folder the terminal is

"spam/eggs.py" tells it the top-level file of your project (the one you
run to start the game). This would be the "eggs.py" file in the "spam"
folder inside whatever folder the terminal is in.

So, if you have Pyinstaller extracted in your home folder and your
project is in the "trunk" folder, then this command should create a
single binary in a "pyinstaller/dist" folder.

"python ~/pyinstaller-1.5.1/pyinstaller.py --onefile -o pyinstaller trunk/helloworld.py"

Assuming you've downloaded the same version, obviously change the
"pyinstaller-1.5.1" if that's not what the folder is called after

Oh, just remembered you may need to run this first, just once:
"python ~/pyinstaller-1.5.1/Configure.py"

Sam Bull <sambull.org>
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