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Re: [pygame] SGC 0.1.6 Released

Nice work.

Some feedback...

My main want is for dirty rect handling :)

Someone in irc was asking about doing a menu with the game running
behind it... like this video of mine craft.

Images instead of text for the menu items?  What about roll over
images, or text for when a menu item is selected?

Another common use is where you have a screen of images, where the
menu items are part of a larger image.  Like this menu from the
zanthor game:

Each 'button' was defined by a rect, and when you select one of the
cities it would have selected drawn over the top.  Maybe this form of
menu is good to support... or maybe it's just feature creep :)

Another feature we used in zanthor was joystick navigation of the
menus.  Is sgc going to support joypads?  Does it work with keyboard

Maybe the func dictionary part could use some better explanation:

I saw this for including example code inside sphinx docs... maybe useful.

On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 6:01 PM, Sam Bull <sam.hacking@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Another new beta release!
> This release adds working OpenGL and an improved Menu widget.
> The OpenGL support is rather inefficient, but will be optimised in some
> future release.
> There is now documentation for the menu data format. At some point, I
> plan to add a menu creator tool to allow drag 'n' drop creation. But,
> until then you need to create the menu data manually.
> http://program.sambull.org/sgc/dev.menu.html
> If you'd like to try it out, download the release code. As long as you
> have Python 2 and Pygame installed, you should be able to run the
> example file immediately.
> To use it in your own projects, simply copy the 'sgc' sub-folder into
> the top-level of your project or use setup.py to install it system-wide.
> Please check it out at:
> https://launchpad.net/simplegc
> You can check out the documentation at:
> http://program.sambull.org/sgc/
> If you'd prefer an offline Devhelp version, there is a separate download
> on Launchpad.
> I'd appreciate any feedback on the project or the documentation.
> Limitations still in this release:
>         No Python 3 support.
>         There's an issue with transparency, so (0,0,0) means
>         transparency in this release, if you find things are invisible
>         try changing the colour (perhaps (0,0,1)).
>         There's no developer documentation to help write your own
>         widgets.