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[pygame] pygame-1.1 source available

ok, pygame-1.1 is officially done. you can directly
download the source from here...

stay tuned this weekend as compiled packages become
available. i'll be getting a windows installer ready,
and i'm guessing some .DEBs and .RPMs will be appearing
in short order.

on monday or tuesday will be the full pygame-1.1
release. with all the announcements and fanfare you
would expect to see with such a great event.

if you've been using pygame-1.0 (released way back
on april 5th) here is the list of what has been improved.

- image.load() is now always available (with a minimum of BMP)
- new transform module with Surface rotate, scale, and flip
- opengl fully supported (hooks into the pyopengl project)
- image module expanded with save and transfer functions
- post your own custom Event objects onto the queue
- draw module can draw thick lines, at any width
- load sound/images from any python file-like object (StringIO)
- Rect objects have new properties (midleft, midright, etc)
- new Rect.unionall will give the union of a list of Rects
- Rect objects have new in-place methods (union_ip, etc)
- drawing multiple line segments fixed for clipped lines
- display can use a different colormap than the display surface
- 8bit subsurfaces get the correct colormap
- fixed image locking problems with subsurfaces
- display.update() crop problems fixed
- mixer module now uses requested frequency and format
- smoother thread sharing during surface functions
- fixed memory leak on each event
- safer Surface.blit() blocks SDL crashes
- fixed mask problem with 16-bit surfarray arrays
- return rect from line drawing routines is correct
- passing filenames as unicode strings now works

wow, that's a full list of improvements. carry on all
you game developers!

also in good news, pygame works on macos now. unfortunately
we found some bugs in the distutils that comes with macpython.
so until the next macpython release, it will probably be
difficult to get it compiled. we're hoping to have a 
precompiled package available for macos before then.

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