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Re: [pygame] pygame-1.1 source available

> ok, pygame-1.1 is officially done. you can directly
> download the source from here...

the windows binaries are now online as well. they
have been split into separate packages for python2.0
python2.1 and documentation. (much like the rpms)

along with all the normal pygame features, the prebuilt
windows libraries include support for OggVorbis music 
playback. i tried a couple songs and it's sweet.
(much better than the semi-munged mp3 support).

if you are doing development on windows, i recommend
installing the documentation package, which will put
all sorts of handy links into your start menu.

also, if you've just been following along with CVS on
windows, i recommend updating your prebuild win32 dependencies.
that archive was recently upgraded and every single package has
been updated. 

i also moved the rpms out of the contrib directory,
once again david clark to the rescue!

the pygame download page has been updated.

with this all done, i'll do the full release announcements
on monday. mac and debian packagers, you have one and a
half days left if you wanna get your packages in before the
announcements.  :]

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