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RE: [pygame] Music...

Thanks - I did a quick search any only found some real losers...
I'll try flashkit.

Are MOD's different than MID's??
Is that the timidity stuff that's mentioned?
Do you know if the sequencer takes any significant CPU time?


BTW, anyone know why I can get an end event for the music, but not for

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Michael Robin writes:

 > Do you guys produce your own, or is there a good source of free-to-use
 > background music?
 > (SolarWolf, for example has fun music.)

For Twitch's music, I did the same thing Pete did for Solarwolf. There
are websites out there with free looping music samples suitable for
flash animations - I grabbed one of those. I went here:


One note about music - wav files are pretty huge, even when sampled
down. Consider using .mod files instead; pygame.mixer will play them,
and they give a game that 'retro' sound :)  You should be able to find
public domain mod files out there with google.

David Clark
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