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Re: [pygame] Music...

> Thanks - I did a quick search any only found some real losers...
> I'll try flashkit.
> Are MOD's different than MID's??
> Is that the timidity stuff that's mentioned?
> Do you know if the sequencer takes any significant CPU time?

look on the web for stuff like MOD and XT. the difference between
MIDI and formats like MOD, is that MOD includes the actual instrument
samples in the song. this gives them a lot more flexibility, plus they
sound the same wherever they are played.

look around, and if you find something you like, figure out who the
author is. i've found most hobbyist music authors are excited at the
prospect of their music getting included in an actual game. but it's
important to talk with them and get permission. they may even be able
to rework the music a little if you have some requests.
you can even look around on mp3.com. most of the artists there are just
hobbyists. i've talked to a couple and it doesn't seem like a problem
finding someone who would want to help out.

> BTW, anyone know why I can get an end event for the music, but
> not for sounds?

SDL provides a C callback for the music finishing, but not for
sound channels finishing. (thats a pretty good reason, eh?)
the only way to really test for a sound object to finish playing
is to poll it frequently with one of the (excitingly named)
get_busy() methods.

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