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Re: [pygame] Tedious detail of progress into the Debian archive

> For those who are interested, I'm going to carry on posting lots of tedious
> detail about the progress of PyGame into the Debian archive.
> I'm excited, and I'm sure some of you are too!

oh, yes

> The maintainer is now "Ed Boraas" <ed@boraas.ca>, and "Harry Henry Gebel"
> <hgebel@home.com> has been helpful and supportive.  I'm putting these
> names here for future reference if anyone has Debian troubles later.
> Ed has given the pygame package a once over, changed himself to be the
> maintainer, resigned it and upload it to the Debian incoming queue:
> Thanks to Ed for agreeing to maintain PyGame on Debian!

francis, thanks again for all your efforts on the debian packages
up to this point. getting pygame into debian is sure exciting for
me. one day it may even work its way up to "stable" wowee

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