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Re: [pygame] pygame-1.1 source available

In article <20010627011729.C7602@flourish.org> you wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 24, 2001 at 11:10:09PM +0100, Aquarius wrote:
>> If there's a package for testing then I shall dance at your wedding :)
>> Does pygame really need to *depend* on python2-numeric? v1.0 didn't, it
>> just meant that you couldn't use surfarray stuff, which I don't
>> understand anyway ;-)
> Well, my theory was that it is better to depend on it than not to.  
> It could just suggest or recommend it, but that seems a pain to me.
> I mean, if you install a game that uses surf array, it is a bit 
> annoying if it has to explicitly depend on anything other than
> pygame.
> I think I want all the examples to run without having to do
> anything other than "apt-get install pygame".  Does Debian policy
> say anything about this kind of issue?

I'm not actually sure. This is, of course, now a question for Ed.
Essentially, the reason I don't like it is that python2-numeric is held
up in unstable and isn't in testing yet :) 
> You'll hate me when I make it depend on python2-opengl! (Or
> python-opengl, after the reorganisation that Debian unstable
> Python packages are about to go to, to have a 2.x version as
> the standard).

I'm going to have to upgrade to unstable at this rate :)


Well *done*, Aquarius -- a phrase we love typing because it makes us feel
like the boss-character from a 1980s Glen A Larson action series...
  NTK, http://www.ntk.net/index.cgi?backarchive99/now0618.txt&lineY2#l
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