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Re: [pygame] Tedious detail of progress into the Debian archive

On Fri, 29 Jun 2001, Francis Irving wrote:

>Latest details, part of Debian's very picky automated QA system has 
>rejected the package:
>Rejected: [dpkg-sucks] source package was produced by a broken version
>          of dpkg-dev 1.9.1{3,4}; please rebuild with >= 1.9.15 version
>          installed.
>So Ed will have to rebuild it with a more recent version of dpkg-dev.

It should be quite simple to do?

>Notice how Debian's QA system protects itself from harm.

This is really a very smart thing to do from Debian's point of view.
Better packages and less problems for the users. But it is a pain to
package something and try to submit it. I spent a while just trying to get
a simple package with a binary, man-page and README packaged into a deb. I
think I got that working, but now comes the political process if I want
the package into the Real Debian. Would be fun, but I don't have time for
that mentor stuff humiliation process that seems to take ages to get done.

Why do I do this then? Well, I'd like to package our pygame game as a deb
too, and maybe get someone else with the proper permissions to some day
upload it into Debian proper. Some day... 
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