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RE: [pygame] Music...

Title: AW: [pygame] Music...
No reason -- I'm just not as familiar with it as I am with WAV.
I know how to acquire, edit, record/play, modify and generally muck about with wav files -- I just haven't done anything with MODs.
(Or MIDs for that matter, beyond working a little on the evil empire's Midi sequencer back in 1990 or so -- and doing this cool pitch-tracker thingy.)
Sounds like I should get familiar with them though.
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Is there a reason that you don't want to use some .MOD Format? This is exactly what it was made for.

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>for raw uncompressed audio, i think the standardish rate is about
>10MB per minute. so a 4 minute music track could swamp many peoples

Of course, you are right - I wasn't considering real music tracks, as is
probably intended.
I'm using (what I've found so far) repeating musical "loops" that are rather
(Usually about 10 seconds or so.)
I figure I'd write a music manager object that faded these in and out (with
possible simultaneous combinations) every so often, or depending on the
current game action.


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