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Re: [pygame] PyODE

Kris Schnee wrote:

I quickly got to the point of having some platforms, wraparound from the sides of the screen, and a, uh, "griffin," that moves with flapping flight and notices who's higher when it collides with an enemy. You can probably guess what I'm thinking.

Hey, I remember that game! I played it on my 128k Mac Plus! Kind of fun, but I found it too hard to get the hang of the controls.

It occurs to me that having NPCs able to sense their environment requires things that ODE doesn't seem to do, like asking "How far down is the nearest platform?" or "Is there a ladder next to the player when they push 'Up'?"

You might like to look into Soya. As well as wrapping OpenGL and ODE, it has a few extra things that might help, such as the ability to cast a ray into the environment and find which object it hits.