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Re: [pygame] PyODE

Greg Ewing wrote:
Hey, I remember that game! I played it on my 128k Mac Plus!
Kind of fun, but I found it too hard to get the hang of
the controls.

You can find a playable version of the original "Joust" at <http://www.midway.com/classicGames/classicGamePlayer.php?game=joust>, along with some other good games like Robotron. Seems only to work in IE, though, not Firefox.

You might like to look into Soya. As well as wrapping
OpenGL and ODE, it has a few extra things that might
help, such as the ability to cast a ray into the
environment and find which object it hits.

That's a possibility. I looked into it (<http://home.gna.org/oomadness/en/soya3d/index.html>) and got the tutorials running pretty easily once I had PIL installed too. It also runs a 3D mini-game slightly faster than my Pygame minimal test, and way faster than my 2D tiled Pygame program!

The big stumbling block there is whether I can bring models other than the tutorial ones into the program, and so far the answer is no. A Blender model run through its file converter program, crashes it. So I'm going to try asking on IRC about that problem, but considering that the developers are apparently French, it may be hard.