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Re: [pygame] PyODE

Kris Schnee wrote:
> Greg Ewing wrote:
>> You might like to look into Soya. As well as wrapping
>> OpenGL and ODE, it has a few extra things that might
>> help, such as the ability to cast a ray into the
>> environment and find which object it hits.
> The big stumbling block there is whether I can bring models other than
> the tutorial ones into the program, and so far the answer is no. A
> Blender model run through its file converter program, crashes it. So I'm
> going to try asking on IRC about that problem, but considering that the
> developers are apparently French, it may be hard.

The French are people too ;)

I've been interested in Soya but haven't been able to get it to work
with the graphics card on my machine. At first I was getting weird
GLErrors but recently the driver was updated to fix that. But I tried
playing Balazar and I still couldn't get anything like a respectable

The GeomRay functionality is in ODE, so if you wanted it without Soya,
you could probably get it with only a little pain and suffering.


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