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Re: [pygame] Redraw under mouse cursor in HWSURFACE mode

On Sun, Mar 01, 2009 at 03:19:53PM -0800, Lin Parkh wrote:
> I'm noticing a weird little artifact namely that I get left over 
> fragments of a surface i redraw on to screen where the mouse cursor 
> moves.  It appears as if my code is interacting with whatever controls 
> cursor redraw.

I'm afraid I'm not familiar with this problem.

> I notice that this only happens when i go to fullscreen 
> mode and enable hardware draw (HWSURFACE (not using double buffer right 
> now since not 'flipping display' but rather controling exactly what 
> rectangles get redrawn).

You will get flicker that way, unless you're very careful about how
you're redrawing those rectangles.

> I need HWSURFACE to be on for performance.

It's not always an improvement and could in fact lower performance.
Again, it's a matter of what exactly you're drawing.

> So 
> seems like in HWSURFACE mode the mouse cursor is run differently and is 
> interacting with my redraws (i.e. fails to let them complete well under 
> it). Anyone familiar with this kind of mouse cursor issue in HWSURFACE 
> mode? Thanks

Marius Gedminas
Cool. Does it also recode ISO10646-1 pcf files into the funny
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on the planets Isolatinus XV and Koiruski VIII ...
	-- Markus Kuhn inquires about libXft

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