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Re: [pygame] multi-width aalines and aacircles

On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 08:56:16AM -0600, John Krukoff wrote:
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> > None of the SDL_gfx functions has a line width argument that I could see.
> Sure, but at least SDL_gfx gives you the tools you need to get there for AA
> lines. A filled polygon, redraw the edges with an AA line, use some AA
> circles to draw caps, and viola!
> AA donuts would still be a pain, and require an offscreen buffer, which is
> unfortunate.
> And, likely you'd ask for variable width AA bezier curves next, which also
> isn't supported. That one may be because it's hard, though.

How about full Cairo support while we're at it?


Marius Gedminas
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