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Re: [pygame] Google Summer of Code participation

On, Wed Mar 11, 2009, Devon Scott-Tunkin wrote:

> I'd like to apply for gsoc 2009 in pygame when the time comes. I'm


> doing an MS in Game Development (programming), but have spent my first
> year taking undergraduate prerequisites in computer science classes as
> my background is in graphic design and not programming. That leaves me
> probably at a beginning undergrad junior level in computer science.

That's no problem at all.

> Coming from graphic design I'm interested in adding more font and
> graphic file supports to pygame. I know C reasonably well, but I
> haven't really looked at the C parts of pygame or even fiddled with
> the pygame python source, only used the api.

Ideally those tasks could be done on a clean pgreloaded branch (yes
ma'am, I'm strongly advocating here). It's API is a lot cleaner than
pygame's at the moment, so a clean backport could be done once
anything's settled.

> To get ready to apply, obviously it would be good for me to review
> some of the pygame source, build pygame, and maybe even write a few
> tests. As well as researching the technical side of implementing new
> fonts and image format conversions as I am very familiar with using
> many types of both, but conversion routines for images I only have a
> general idea that different formats store the channel bytes and pixel
> arrays in different ways.

Please do not mix font and image formats up. Focus on one of them, as
implementing a bit of this and a bit of that is unlikely to be
accepted. The main reason for this is that both are completely different
areas and as such need several special considerations and probably API
design changes to get all - to be planned - features into them.

> Implementing SVG or some sort of basic vector image support is a
> related project I'd like to do, but may be out of scope if I end up
> working on font and raster image format support.

SVG would be some cool and huge task, I guess. As there is no
cross-platform SVG library (to my knowledge and no, cairo-svg's not the
best option here) to rely on, this would be a nice project and require
you to show us some good work of you (because SVG is a complex topic).

> Do you have any other suggestions for me? Ways to improve my chances?
> Code examples I should write or focus on?

Depending on what you want to do in the end, show us what you did
already (projects, etc.) when it comes to applying (and we got some
slots from Google). The easier the project, the less you would have to
show ;-).

However, first we will have to be accepted as organisation...


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