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Re: [pygame] Google Summer of Code participation

On, Mon Mar 09, 2009, Nirav Patel wrote:

> Windows and OS X webcam support are other possibilities.
> > If students come up with interesting ideas, that's fine as well,
> > though. There's no need to stick to the ideas list only :-).
> Absolutely.  Hopefully students will come forward with project ideas.
> Unless there are objections to a pygame organization application, it
> would be useful to have a post on the front page requesting that
> interested students take a look at the ideas page or propose their own
> projects on the wiki and the list.  If we are not accepted, it would
> still be useful if PSF gives us slots.

Done. I added a news entry and a new ideas page at 

I guess some of the todo entries at http://pygame.org/wiki/todo would
make a good GSoC task, too, such as the website rewrite and redesign.


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