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Re: [pygame] Google Summer of Code participation

On, Mon Mar 09, 2009, Nirav Patel wrote:

> I'd be willing to mentor as well.  I think we have a reasonable chance
> of being accepted as a mentoring organization if we apply, judging by
> the selection criteria [1].  It may help to mention in the application
> that in past years, we have had GSoC projects through other
> organizations.

It's worth a try - otherwise we can try to get some slots under the PSF
umbrella as last year.

> Do we have ideas for suggested projects for students to take on?

The list from last year[0] is out of date, but some things are still
interesting, namely 

OSC networking
Easy simple software 3d
Improved graphics format support
Math support, Graphics types
AI module
Improved font support
Decent movie support
Video effect plugins
Improved Sprite and scene system

Especially in conjunction with pgreloaded, math support, graphics
formats, simple software 3d, font support and the video stuff would be
very interesting for me to mentor. Also porting and improving things
such as the camera module and midi support to pgreloaded would be an
option for those, who are a bit scared about starting from scratch

If students come up with interesting ideas, that's fine as well,
though. There's no need to stick to the ideas list only :-).

[0] http://pygame.org/wiki/gsoc2008ideas?parent=index


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