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Re: [pygame] gsoc pygame more ideas

On, Thu Mar 19, 2009, John Robinson wrote:

> I have been browsing the ideas page for pygame projects. In the
> previous email,I had raised an interest in working on the math library
> for pygame.I am also interested in helping to develop the
> documentation and examples for pgreloaded.

Nice. As the math needs have been clarified in another mail, I'm not
sure, if you are still all in for the math project, so the documentation
task might be better.

> At school, I have good grades in English, and have been taking
> scientific writing.I'm decent at using XML, and feel confident that I
> can learn to use reStructured text, having experience with other
> markup languages(HTML).
> I feel I would be stronger working on the documentation than
> the math library,but I feel confident that I could complete either one
> of the projects.
> I would like to hear from the group and the mentor on my idea, and any
> suggestions that may be helpful.

It sounds like you have some good prerequisites for that
one. reStructured Text is quite easy to learn and can be done
'on-the-job', so there is no need to dig too deep into the whole
documentation of it at the moment.

I recommend you to check out the pgreloaded branch using 

   svn co svn://seul.org/svn/pygame/branches/pgreloaded

build it, take a look at the generated documentation and how it is
generated (the python scripts and templates) and what it looks like at
the moment. Then (if you are still interested ;-) start writing your
application about it.

Except for the written documentation, the technical side would require
certain things such as 

 * writing short example snippets (mostly one or two lines) or
   documented API parts
 * enhancing the XML and the parsers for a better recognition and
   filtering of reStructured Text (so the python code documentation is
   no garbled with RST markup)
 * improve the documentation layout (CSS)
 * integrate mechanisms to have examples and other things for both the
   Python and C API easily integrated (referenced) throughout the


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