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Re: [pygame] GSoC: Improved Sprite and scene system

On, Fri Mar 20, 2009, Erisvaldo Junior wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> Thanks for your feedback. I'll add the collision improvements in my 
> proposal.
> Do you people agree that Sprites should be removed from Pygame?

No, but make them abstract base classes. This allows us to expect
certain fields (such as using sprite.rect instead of 'if hasattr()...')
sprites should have.
> I'm looking for ideas for the scene system. What are the most desirable 
> features?

Screen chains (screen1 -> screen3 | screen5 -> screen2 -> ...), event
triggers for the screens and scene elements. Keep all parts as generic
as possible (abstract base classes that define the necessary attributes
and methods scene elements require).

Create working examples for all components that outline the strengths of
thew scene system.


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