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Re: [pygame] gsoc pygame more ideas

On, Thu Mar 19, 2009, Rene Dudfield wrote:

> Hey,
> just a note.  GSOC doesn't like to accept documentation projects -
> they want code projects.

The focus would be on the creation of an easy to use documentation
system, such as the XML -> RST <-> text transformations, improved
automated doc stub generation for new or changed contents. The
documentation itself and intro would be for pure demonstrative
puposes, so to speak :-).

One problem I run into with the docs is that I'm too lazy to write
different docs for both, the python modules and the user, but want to
have the user documentation as nice and feature-rich as possible, while
the python documentation should focus on the technical aspects (argument
usage, return values, etc.), which is the background for that task and -
in my opinion - makes it suitable for the GSoC.


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