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Re: [pygame] Gsoc pygame math

On, Fri Mar 20, 2009, Jason Gevargizian wrote:

> Anyway, what do you expect out of such a library.  In other words,
> beyond 2d vector math what do you think it should encompass.

Especially in conjunction with the "Easy software 3D" project, it would
be nice to have some 3D to 2D transformations (and back, of
course). This would allow one to simulate 3D on a 2D plane quite easily
or integrate 3D objects with correct 2D mappings (which could add some
very cool effect features for 2D games).

So the focus would be on 2D first. Once anything's in there one could
create basic 3D and maybe 4D elements (vectors, matrices, ...) and add
well-performing transformation hooks to allow a fast mapping.

For the 2D part, one will also have to integrate anything nicely into
the existing system. This means, each method and object that accepts
point tuples should be able to accept 2D vectors, for example.

http://www.euclideanspace.com/maths/index.htm contains a lot of
additional information and formulas, one can rely on.


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