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[pygame] Re: GSoC Proposal: Basic gui system


that is a really great idea. Very often I wanted to quickly create a
basic interface, but I miss a useful built-in gui library to do that

To the ones saying it is easy to quickly create your own gui per game:
Surely it is an easy task to create an image of a button, put it on
the screen and capture clicks in that area. But there is more about a
basic gui than buttons and labels. When you start to create entry
widgets with blinking insert position indicator or only scrollbars,
you start to get into trouble.

I am sure that it is possible to consolidate the most basic
requirements on GUIs in a single, efficient, expandable concept. If
you don't think so, give me two different gui requirements, which do
not have a greatest common factor that is worth implementing a
dedicated pygame module.