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[pygame] Re: GSoC Proposal: Basic gui system

If you all think, a lot of people would use a built-in gui but it's
not worth the work, is there a chance to put one of the existing guis
into pygame? We could poll the users on the website and/or the mailing
list about the best pygame gui. Then maybe have a look on the best 2
or 3, discuss some pros and cons and include one into pygame? Because
as I said before, one big problem of all of the existing guis is that
they are at least one more dependency. In addition, new users don't
have to test all guis and find the best but can have a look at
pygame.gui and invest more time to understand it. I'm really tired
from reading up on guis (used 2 and began to read about Albow). A
pygame.gui module would get much more support (bug fixes, new ideas/
widgets, etc.) than now, too.