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[pygame] Re: GSoC Proposal: Basic gui system

On 21 Mrz., 16:48, Marcus von Appen <m...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Which is why a GUI backend within pygame was never realised. There is no
> ultimate design approach and having just a bunch of abstract base
> classes for users to implement is not worth the work :-).

Then it should be a GSoC task to search for it. Surely the existing
(or some of them) are not completely useless, but some are not
any longer, some are in an pre-alpha stadium, some work fine but have
defects in their concept so that extending/writing own widgets is very

> If you can find some good reasons, why that system would be better,
> easier and more extensible than all the solutions available, go
> ahead. Be aware however, that this will probably cause a lot of
> discussion about the pros and cons.

If there were a pygame.gui module, it would be developed faster,
programmers could help with posting new widgets they made and
bugs and ideas could be handled faster.

If you think it's too much work, call a vote, take the best pygame
put it into pygame and start helping to develop and improve it. But I
think most of the work will be to think about an easy but powerful
concept for a game gui. The implementing part should be less work
and less difficult.