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[pygame] Request for pygame new website project on GSoC

Im studying computer enginnering in Canakkale/Turkey and its my second
year on the university.  I want to be a GSoC student for the Pygame
Website project this year. I'm two years experienced with python and
one year experienced with Web. Currently i'm working with Django
Framework for web projects. Reason that i choose that project is i
love both Pygame and Django. But I never had change of having good
time to improve myself on pygame. So i want to help/join the community
with another way that i have knowledge on. My plan to develop is first
making a clone of current system on python (i don't mean design but
database and functionality). Database smilarity is important to carry
over current data (users, projects, tags..) to new system. Then we can
add new features. I can also take the current database system and
overwrite new features on it ( django ORM can handle with Mysql,
Postrgresql, Sqlite,Oracle databases)  I guess django auto-admin won't
be very cute for pygame. So i will write my-own site management module
which will also use current django contrib applications (Users, Auth,
Sessions...). Im not a designer but I have enough Css, JavaScript
(mostly Jquery), Ajax knowledge  (and HTML needless to say).

I have a few projects. My most CMS like project is a software programs
reviewing site in turkish language which finished recently:
if you like i can create a new user account for you to examine admin
panel or you can use registration form.

I have a blog also: http://orcuna.blogspot.com

I have a few django snippets: http://www.djangosnippets.org/users/orcun%20avsar/

Currently im working with django at my school's information department
we try to develop projects like: events management system, document
chasing system.

Thats all on my mind for now:) i like to hear from you soon.