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Re: [pygame] Request for pygame new website project on GSoC

Im glad you're interested in my participation. I tried to write in a
explanatory way. So it's a little long i think or maybe boring.  Im
looking forward to your thoughts.

About Me
  1. Name: Orcun Avsar (Orçun Avşar)
      School: Second year at Canakkale 18 Mart University at Çanakkale/Turkey
      Branch: Computer Enginnering

  2. Contact Information:
       email: orc.avs@xxxxxxxxx
       blog: orcuna.blogspot.com
       gtalk: orc.avs@xxxxxxxxx

  3. Time Zone and Preferred Language: Istanbul / Turkey UTC/GMT +2
hours, English
  4. Time Commitment: I spend my summer at home in Urla/Izmir and
will have lots of time (usually 4-7 hours a day ) to develop my
project and will be mostly available to contact with the pygame
comunitiy and my mentor.
  5. Programming Experience:
        My web skills are: Python(Django), HTML, JavaScript ( mostly Jquery
and Jquery plugins) , Css , Ajax
         Im two years experienced with python and one year
experienced with web and django framework.
         Django made projects that i made/join:
         -Last summer i joined a b2c project in Izmir for Taymet web
company. This helped me to improve my web knowledge and get familiar
with django: http://b2c.taymet.com
         -Im currently working as a part-time student worker at my schools
information department until summer. we're working on some
e-university projects with django (like event management system,
document chasing system)
         -I have a CMS like project that is smilar to my project's logic
which is deployed recently: http://www.yukleindir.net
        -Django snippets i made:
        -My programming blog have a few code examples:

About Project
  I want to participate in "Pygame Website Rewrite" project for GsoC.
First of all i love pygame. Its logic fits to python's simplicity
philosophy and it provides a low-level game developing enviroment that
doesn't limit any creativity. This is a hard thing to be found both on
a game library. After i saw project i decided that best suits to me
and this is something that pygame.org really needs. Because pygame.org
is not only a project website but also a community where pygamers
meets and submit their projects. And remake it with python makes it
easier to add new features in future. A better site with better
features will add ambitious to develeopers to make better games or to
join pygame development and make their jobs more fun and easy. I think
its a key for pygame's future. The idea is already discussed before at
wiki and mailing lists i red them all and want to tell how i plan to
make the project.

  Keeping current data: pygame.org already have lots of projects. To
carry over the current data to new database its important to create a
smilar database structure. This is general for all current data
(users,projects,releases,tags, wiki content and other static
contents). I will create a data transfer module/script to new database
with default values for new features.

  Browsing projects: It a key for visitors to reach projects in a
more efficient way. Browsing by more meta tags and attiributes to
projects  is needy (  ranking, genre, date etc..)

  Multiple members: One member (Project creator) will be the owner of
the project (like superuser) and will be able to invite more people to
project and give them permissions  to add/change/delete releases and

  In-site management module: Django auto admin is very good for
handling as a management module but some parts of management needs to
be written seperately to be easier and more comfortable for users. But
jobs for site administrators(not pygame members) can be done with
django auto admin panel (like managing site content, documentation,
pygame releases or choosing spotligt project, etc..)

  Nicer urls: nice urls are a nature of django url structure.

  Wiki: There are examples of wiki for django. And its not a big deal
to write a new one that best suits pygame.org

  Snippets: Sometimes users may want to submit a code block or a
snippet (not a project) to show how a job is done. Snippets module
will help users to share their codes.

  Syntax highlighting: Pygments is a module for syntax highlighting
that i plan to use for documentation,wiki,snippets and comments.

 Markdown language for user submited content: It will provide members
to write code, give links and give some style to their content in a
safe way. It can be used at wiki, release descriptions and comments .

  Rss/Atom feeds: for wiki and/or new projects.

  Browser compatibility : I will test new design with all popular
browsers (IE, Firefox,Opera,Safari,Google Chrome, NetScape) and put
the design into css/html/js standards.

 I plan to deploy project during development process for tests and
discussions on summer and finish my project before the deadline.

2009/3/30, Marcus von Appen <mva@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On, Sun Mar 29, 2009, Orcun Avsar wrote:
>> Hi,
> great to hear you want to participate. You want to make up an
> application [0] and send it to us (either to the pygame mailing list or
> directly to me, Rene and Nirav).
> The website task was already discussed earlier, so you might want to
> take a look at the mailing list archive [1].
> [0] http://www.pygame.org/wiki/gsoc2009ideas
> [1] http://www.mail-archive.com/pygame-users@xxxxxxxx
>     http://www.mail-archive.com/pygame-users@xxxxxxxx/msg10928.html
>     http://www.mail-archive.com/pygame-users@xxxxxxxx/msg11067.html
> Regards
> Marcus