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Re: [pygame] Request for pygame new website project on GSoC


that looks pretty good.  One improvement is that you could try and put
a timeline for when you think you will do things.

Also, it would great if there were lots of unit tests.

Also a stage at the beginning where we ask people with design ideas
for the website to put them forward.  Pygame has a large community of
people, some of whom are pretty good with gfx and design... so it'd
make sense to let them contribute if they want.


2009/3/31 orcun avsar <orc.avs@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,
> Im glad you're interested in my participation. I tried to write in a
> explanatory way. So it's a little long i think or maybe boring.  Im
> looking forward to your thoughts.
> About Me
>  1. Name: Orcun Avsar (Orçun Avşar)
>      School: Second year at Canakkale 18 Mart University at Çanakkale/Turkey
>      Branch: Computer Enginnering
>  2. Contact Information:
>       email: orc.avs@xxxxxxxxx
>       blog: orcuna.blogspot.com
>       gtalk: orc.avs@xxxxxxxxx
>  3. Time Zone and Preferred Language: Istanbul / Turkey UTC/GMT +2
> hours, English
>  4. Time Commitment: I spend my summer at home in Urla/Izmir and
> will have lots of time (usually 4-7 hours a day ) to develop my
> project and will be mostly available to contact with the pygame
> comunitiy and my mentor.
>  5. Programming Experience:
>        My web skills are: Python(Django), HTML, JavaScript ( mostly Jquery
> and Jquery plugins) , Css , Ajax
>         Im two years experienced with python and one year
> experienced with web and django framework.
>         Django made projects that i made/join:
>         -Last summer i joined a b2c project in Izmir for Taymet web
> company. This helped me to improve my web knowledge and get familiar
> with django: http://b2c.taymet.com
>         -Im currently working as a part-time student worker at my schools
> information department until summer. we're working on some
> e-university projects with django (like event management system,
> document chasing system)
>         -I have a CMS like project that is smilar to my project's logic
> which is deployed recently: http://www.yukleindir.net
>        -Django snippets i made:
> http://www.djangosnippets.org/users/orcun%20avsar/
>        -My programming blog have a few code examples:
> http://orcuna.blogspot.com
> About Project
>  I want to participate in "Pygame Website Rewrite" project for GsoC.
> First of all i love pygame. Its logic fits to python's simplicity
> philosophy and it provides a low-level game developing enviroment that
> doesn't limit any creativity. This is a hard thing to be found both on
> a game library. After i saw project i decided that best suits to me
> and this is something that pygame.org really needs. Because pygame.org
> is not only a project website but also a community where pygamers
> meets and submit their projects. And remake it with python makes it
> easier to add new features in future. A better site with better
> features will add ambitious to develeopers to make better games or to
> join pygame development and make their jobs more fun and easy. I think
> its a key for pygame's future. The idea is already discussed before at
> wiki and mailing lists i red them all and want to tell how i plan to
> make the project.
>  Keeping current data: pygame.org already have lots of projects. To
> carry over the current data to new database its important to create a
> smilar database structure. This is general for all current data
> (users,projects,releases,tags, wiki content and other static
> contents). I will create a data transfer module/script to new database
> with default values for new features.
>  Browsing projects: It a key for visitors to reach projects in a
> more efficient way. Browsing by more meta tags and attiributes to
> projects  is needy (  ranking, genre, date etc..)
>  Multiple members: One member (Project creator) will be the owner of
> the project (like superuser) and will be able to invite more people to
> project and give them permissions  to add/change/delete releases and
> project.
>  In-site management module: Django auto admin is very good for
> handling as a management module but some parts of management needs to
> be written seperately to be easier and more comfortable for users. But
> jobs for site administrators(not pygame members) can be done with
> django auto admin panel (like managing site content, documentation,
> pygame releases or choosing spotligt project, etc..)
>  Nicer urls: nice urls are a nature of django url structure.
>  Wiki: There are examples of wiki for django. And its not a big deal
> to write a new one that best suits pygame.org
>  Snippets: Sometimes users may want to submit a code block or a
> snippet (not a project) to show how a job is done. Snippets module
> will help users to share their codes.
>  Syntax highlighting: Pygments is a module for syntax highlighting
> that i plan to use for documentation,wiki,snippets and comments.
>  Markdown language for user submited content: It will provide members
> to write code, give links and give some style to their content in a
> safe way. It can be used at wiki, release descriptions and comments .
>  Rss/Atom feeds: for wiki and/or new projects.
>  Browser compatibility : I will test new design with all popular
> browsers (IE, Firefox,Opera,Safari,Google Chrome, NetScape) and put
> the design into css/html/js standards.
>  I plan to deploy project during development process for tests and
> discussions on summer and finish my project before the deadline.
> 2009/3/30, Marcus von Appen <mva@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> On, Sun Mar 29, 2009, Orcun Avsar wrote:
>>> Hi,
>> great to hear you want to participate. You want to make up an
>> application [0] and send it to us (either to the pygame mailing list or
>> directly to me, Rene and Nirav).
>> The website task was already discussed earlier, so you might want to
>> take a look at the mailing list archive [1].
>> [0] http://www.pygame.org/wiki/gsoc2009ideas
>> [1] http://www.mail-archive.com/pygame-users@xxxxxxxx
>>     http://www.mail-archive.com/pygame-users@xxxxxxxx/msg10928.html
>>     http://www.mail-archive.com/pygame-users@xxxxxxxx/msg11067.html
>> Regards
>> Marcus